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Recht auf Stadt. Der Kongress. / Right to the City. The Congress.
2. - 5. June 2011 at Hamburg

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Sa, 2011-06-04

AAA (Paris) & KEBAP (HH)

Shaping spaces of ecology, production and exchange

Räume der Ökologie, Produktion und des Austauschs gestalten; Die beiden Pariser ArchitektInnen Doina Petrescu und Constantin Petcou (AAA) schufen mit dem Projekt "Ecobox" durch einen Gemeinschaftsgarten nicht nur einen Raum für die Produktion von Essen sondern auch von Gedanken und Kämpfen. Aus dem Ort wurde ein Gebäude mit (halb-)öffentlichen Räumen und beweglichen Modulen. Kebap entstand in Hamburg im Zuge der Proteste gegen Vattenfall. Kebap kombiniert ökologisches Fachwissen um erneuerbare Energien mit Ideen der Produktion und Kultur in der Innenstadt, um damit einen Raum des Teilens und des Hedonismus zu ermöglichen.

This workshop, administered by Park Fiction, combines two very different groups: AAA (Paris) and Kebap (Hamburg) share an interest: in ecology, in the city as a space of production and in shaping spaces as platforms of exchange and communication. Doina Petrescu and Constantin Petcou from Atelier d'Architecture Autogeree, trained as architects, started the project "Ecobox" in Paris, a common garden in a derelict train station, which, working as a place where a neighbourhood constitutes itself - and organising a space for production (and sharing) of food as well as thoughts and struggles. AAA propose a different economy outside of capitalist structures. The place grew into the building itself and formed a series of public and semi-public spaces. They developed a series of moveable modules, e.g. a cooking module, a media module and the "Bibliomobil". AAA organize PEPRAV, a europewide network, which produced the book "Urban Act" and, with theoretician Anne Querrien, talks, walks and researches on urban-rural relations in the "Rhyzom" network from Istanbul, Belfast, London... Kebap's idea, a rest-wood-power-station in a derelict World War 2 bunker in an inner city park, developed out of the protests against energy giant Vattenfall's plans for a coal-power station with its cooling system running through the same park, the "Moorburg Trasse". The alternative power station poses highly political questions, as it relies on feeding the heat into the district heating grid (Fernwärmenetz) - which is currently not allowed, to secure the energy production monopoly. Kebap's plan, full of expertise and knowledge, combines the ecologic task for renewable energy and heating with ideas for inner city production and culture, creating a space of sharing and hedonism while serving very basic needs.

Tag Sa - 2011-06-04
Raum Gängeviertel (Puppenstube)
Beginn 11:00
Dauer 01:30
Tracks Practice
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