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Recht auf Stadt. Der Kongress. / Right to the City. The Congress.
2. - 5. June 2011 at Hamburg

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Sa, 2011-06-04

to end participation, by participating

Unternehmen, Parteien und andere Organisationen rufen permanent zur Partizipation auf. Warum ist unsere Teilnahme von so großem Interesse? Gibt es Gründe oder ist es nur eine weitere Strategie uns in die Interessen Anderer einzuspannen? In dieser Untersuchung (mit Nine2Five und dock europe aus Hamburg) analysiert das KünstlerInnen- und AktivistInnen-Kollektiv Enmedio aus Barcelona soziale Partizipation von ihren Wurzeln ausgehend.

Today everyone is calling us to participate, companies, political parties, artists... why are they so interested in our participation? Are there honest intentions, or is this yet another strategy to get us to work on behalf of someone else´s interest? In this research, conducted jointly conducted jointly by nine2five, dock europe (Hamburg) and Enmedio (Barcelona), we analyze social participation from it´s root to it´s larger repercussions. Enmedio is a Spanish artist-activist collective. For more than four years they have produced projects and interventions in public space, cultural centers and online. They argue that art can be both a tool of social transformation and a collective enjoyment. At their headquarters in Barcelona they present frequent lectures, presentations and workshops. "Enmedio" means "In the middle" and that's exactly the space they fill: in the middle of art and the politics, In the middle of the image and the new technologies, In the middle of everything. (More about Enmedio:

Day Sa - 2011-06-04
Room Buttclub
Start time 11:00
Duration 01:30
Tracks Practice
Language used for presentation English