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Recht auf Stadt. Der Kongress. / Right to the City. The Congress.
2. - 5. June 2011 at Hamburg

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Fr, 2011-06-03

ECUMENOPOLIS: City Without Limits

Documentary film with Discussion

Der Dokumentarfilm "Ecumenopolis: Stadt ohne Grenzen" (88 min) erzählt die Geschichte des neoliberalen Ablaufs der Zerstörung in Istanbul. Es ist das Istanbul, das von 15 auf 30 Millionen Einwohner_innen wächst. Es ist das Istanbul, wo die Anzahl der Autos von 2 auf 6 Millionen anschwillt. Es ist das Istanbul der Zukunft, das die ganze Region verschlingt. Es ist das Istanbul, dass du niemals vorher so gesehen hast.

"Ecumenopolis: City Without Limits" (documentary, 88 min, türkisch / englisch) tells the story of Istanbul on a neo-liberal course to destruction. It follows the story of a migrant family from the demolition of their neighborhood to their on-going struggle for housing rights. The film takes a look at the city on a macro level and through the eyes of experts, going from the tops of mushrooming skyscrapers to the depths of the railway tunnel under the Bosphorous strait; from the historic neighborhoods in the south to the forests in the north; from isolated islands of poverty to the villas of the rich. It's an Istanbul going from 15 million to 30 million. It's an Istanbul going from 2 million cars to 8 million. It's the Istanbul of the future that will soon engulf the entire region. It's an Istanbul you have never seen before.

Day Fr - 2011-06-03
Room Buttclub
Start time 17:30
Duration 01:30
Tracks Experiment
Language used for presentation English