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Recht auf Stadt. Der Kongress. / Right to the City. The Congress.
2. - 5. June 2011 at Hamburg

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Fr, 2011-06-03

Urban Gardening—as a manifold force of the right to the city

In den letzten dreißig Jahren haben in vielen Städten überall auf der Welt agrikulturelle Gemeinschaftsgärten im urbanen Raum rasant zugenommen. Immer mehr Menschen nutzen diese Gartenprojekte, um den Stadtraum in Form einer unplanmäßigen Stadtentwicklung “von unten” sozial gerechter und ökologisch nachhaltiger zu gestalten. Bei diesem Workshop treffen sich lokale und internationale Gartenaktivisten_innen.

During the last three decades, urban gardening activities have grown in numerous cities throughout the world. Community gardens create spaces where a manifold re-appropriation of our life conditions becomes possible. Through such a simple activity as growing food in a small space close to home garden activists initiate fundamental change regarding the way they interact socially, they think about city and politics, and how they deal with nature and food. Therefore, urban gardening is a gateway for many who start to think about how a city could be radically reconfigured, spatially just, ecologically sustainable, and planned at the neighborhood level. Activists, theoreticians and artists will meet in this workshop to present and discuss their approaches to urban gardening: Members of the Intercultural Garden Group from Wilhelmsburg, Helga Arp and Frauke Schreck, are going to talk about their practical experiences and recent dynamics. Brett Bloom, who is a writer, activist, and artist, has both worked with urban farming and co-edited a book about struggles to reclaim city spaces for gardening and public use, creating open spaces, and more. With the vacancy of the former "Real" supermarket area in St. Pauli/Hamburg, a perfect opportunity emerged to claim urban space for neighborhoods to create a huge community garden. A group of urban gardening activists, represented by Harald Lemke and others, have started to fight for this wish.

Day Fr - 2011-06-03
Room Marktstraße 138
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:30
Tracks Practice
Language used for presentation English