Programm - Final Version

Recht auf Stadt. Der Kongress. / Right to the City. The Congress.
2. - 5. June 2011 at Hamburg

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Sa, 2011-06-04

International Networking Meeting I

UPSCALING URBAN ACTION - What do we have in common? What can we do together?

Weltweit organisieren sich Bewohner_innen gegen die Folgen kapitalistischer Stadtmodernisierung. Unter unterschiedlichen Bedingungen kämpfen wir mit manchmal ähnlichen Mitteln für grundsätzlich vergleichbare Ziele. Unseren Bewegungen ist der Bezug auf "ihr Lokales" wesentlich. Aber: Reichen lokale Kämpfe aus? Können Beziehungen zwischen den unterschiedlichen Stadtkämpfen hergestellt werden? Welche Erfahrungen haben wir mit internationaler Vernetzung? Können wir uns auf gemeinsame Etappenziele, Formen und Kommunikationsmittel transnationaler Stadtaktionen einigen?

In spite of internationally declared ”ESC-rights”, the powers of capitalist urban modernization – may they be organized through dis-embedded markets, state monopolies, corrupt cliques or bankrupt policies - are violating the basic rights of inhabitants, - every day and everywhere. Against the resulting attacks and challenges inhabitants are organizing themselves in various ways at many places in the world. The local - local living, local organizing, local knowledge, local desire, local action.. - is the essence of the Right-to-the-City-demand. But is it enough to organize at local and metropolitan levels alone? What do our local and specific struggles have in common with experiences of other urban struggles in other countries? Is it helpful, is it necessary, is it possible to build practical relations between urban struggles across boundaries and thousands of kilometers? Which experiences do we have with transnational networking, solidarity campaigns etc.? What did we learn from these experiences? What is a realistic strategy to build transnational networks or communications of urban social movements? What would be a common focus, common goals, methods, targets? What can be the benefits? Based on the contributions of participants to such questions we will try to shift to practical consequences: What can we, what do we want to do together internationally? Can we agree on common "enemies", targets, forms and communication tools of transnationally "upscaled" urban action?

Day Sa - 2011-06-04
Room Rote Flora (Halle oben)
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:30
Tracks Practice
Language used for presentation English